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Monday, November 30, 2009

I am a Sensualist

“Fellini said he loved zaftig women because a woman who doesn't love food isn't good in bed. I think there's something to that.”

"The people who are the most beautiful are those who do what they love to do – who have love in their lives, and laugh a lot, go to good movies, read good books, and have great sex." — actress Carla Gugino

What a beautiful life philosophy. I love finding people in life who think or feel similarly to myself. And the way they articulate it just gives you that YESSSSSSSSSSS that is IT! Every person is at their most beautiful when they are happy.

happiness = ranges from contentment to intense joy, but i think it's most about choosing to being grateful in your current situation

Sensualism, defined as a devotion or obsession with the pleasures of the senses is more often cited as a negative characteristic than a positive one. I have always considered myself a sensual person. I may not have an obsession, but a definite affinity towards sensual pleasures greater than your average Jane. I take priority in life's pleasures relating to all five of my senses. Some of my friends and past loves will read and agree whole-heartedly, some saying i told you so before!

I'm that girl that closes her eyes as she first sips a rich espresso. The slow sounds of a deep voice in my ear can make my knees weak, literally. I enjoy rich foods like steak and dark chocolate, the smell of a man or of vanilla. Texture is the deciding factor in my clothing and comfort foods. I once had my palm read. The woman told me that i was very flexible and i would know when i found "the one" by touch, even if that touch was minimal or insignificant to most, it wouldn't go unnoticed by me. My favorite indulgence is an amazing massage and probably have more of them in one year than the average person does in a lifetime. Warmth and water is therapeutic to body and soul. Music and rhythm is so moving to me that what i listen to can not only take me back, but bring me thru pain, reduce me to tears, my knees, make me shake my head, grin from ear to ear, or just shake my booty for hours. I've always been one to know exactly what i like. I may be one of the worst at expressing it in words, but if you get to know me i can show you ;)

Many people, men and women alike, can relate to this concept. Who doesn't like sensual pleasures in life. And in part, i think having a strong desire to please your senses comes with being confident in your own skin and letting go of the guilt people feel when they are indulgent. But some of the smallest things in life can give the greatest amounts of satisfaction. Life is too short to deprive yourself to be 5 pounds thinner, have $5 more in the bank, or prove to someone your selfless. LOVE YOURSELF FIRST! - after the Lord of course... and everyone else in your life will reap the residual benefits of a happy, healthy you!

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