Love The Life That You Live

Some of my greatest passions are traveling and connecting with people. Stories about life should be cherished, shared, and learned from. Wanderlust designates a strong desire for or impulse to wander... in modern usage, to travel and to explore the world.

Not all those who wander are lost.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Things iLove and I'm thankful for.....

water fountains, neighbors, technology to keep in touch, espresso, dark chocolate, people who challenge my thoughts, the plaza lights, rooftop pools, Wednesday night church, festival, carnival, walks with my perrita, fair trade goods, spanglish, movies like Bella, sweet potatoes, massages, bachata, exotic flowers, my herb garden, my mamas green beans, two legs to run on, movies on airplanes, generous people, BBQs, nonprofits, volunteering, homemade corn tortillas y queso fresco, curbside recycling, bubbly baths and bubbly drinks, sunlight, moonlight, candlelight, songs with meaning, family gatherings, common ground in uncommon places, stella mccartney clothes, tacones, city markets, mercados centrales, shisha, iTunes, homemade cards, pedis, my front porch, mentors, continuing education, Italian accessories, besos, reading a good book, Mr. Big in the background, soft materials, soft skin, languages, heights, sporting events, rotisserie chickens, jerk chicken, that "going green" is cool, me time, nicknames, comedy shows, learning about different cultures, real pizzerias, corner cafes, cuban cigars, yerba maté, loyalty, giggling late night, "building", new friends meeting old friends and being friends, dancing, the quiet storm, original artwork, funny dichos, good flicks, international films, local goods, baking, yassa, Sundays, the fresh flowers in my house, hot sauce, cinnamon, thoughtfulness, and every day God blesses me with.

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